Frizgility Strategy with Steve Chasse

Today we have a guest speaker on the blog, Southern Ohio Flying K9s board member, Steve Chasse. Steve and his Australian Shepherd Jackson placed first in Throw N Go and second in Frizgility at the UpDog International Finals held in March 2016, and they are one of the first teams to be eligible to move up to Level Two. Steve is going to share some strategy tips for Frizgility with us.

Frizgility is one of the games offered by UpDog Challenge, a disc venue. It’s one of the two games that combines agility equipment with disc play. If you’re not familiar with the rules for Frizgility, you can find them here, both in writing and in video format:

There are three different course options available for Level 1 Frizgility as of this writing. Below is a picture of the course used in the video. You can find pictures of all three available layouts at the above link.

Frizgility Course

Ideally, the dog will maintain momentum throughout the course, to increase speed & allow you to score maximum points. I added two small flags to the map to represent two critical points, which will be discussed in the video. Both are transitions from one activity to another.

The red flag represents the handoff of the disc from dog to human. Precious seconds and loss of momentum are often lost here, if there is not a smooth transition of the disc. In some cases, the dog will even end up facing the wrong way to take the jump, and that obstacle may be skipped.

The green flag represents the point where the human is making the throw. Being able to stop running and set up for the throw is critical to getting a catch, as well as maintaining your dog’s momentum. Notice in the video how smoothly Steve & Jackson handle this transition.

Now, here is our guest speaker analyzing a video of a run he had at Purina Farms in St. Louis, Missouri last year.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Steve!


2 thoughts on “Frizgility Strategy with Steve Chasse

  1. Beth Watercutter says:

    I thought he explained the game really well . I know that this is Ranes favorite game in Updog. Thank you Steve for your advice in this game and also the advice you have given me for Funky. Maybe that could be the next video you do! Thanks again Beth

    Liked by 1 person

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