Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance Qualifiers

On Sunday, June 5th SOFK9s will be hosting a Skyhoundz Xtreme Distance Qualifier. Xtreme Distance is, not surprisingly, a distance throwing event. There are two different divisions, Men’s and Women’s, based on the gender of the handler. Each of the four classes offered will have a Men’s division and a Women’s division.

The four classes are as follows: MicroDog, Light, Classic, and Unlimited. Only dogs measuring less than 17” tall as measured from the ground to the withers can enter MicroDog, and all discs thrown in the MicroDog class must be pup size. Light plastic is also pup size. Any dog, including MicroDogs, can enter the other three classes, which are based on the type (weight) of disc thrown. Therefore, if you enter your dog in all three or four of the classes for which s/he is eligible, you will be throwing a different disc in each class. Check the website for the list of discs allowed in each class. Be sure to also check out the field diagram at that link, as the rules for measuring a catch are explained in detail.

Skyhoundz Competition Rules

When you arrive at the event, in addition to checking in, you should weigh the discs you plan to throw. Even though Skyhoundz provides a list of eligible discs, they will vary slightly in weight, so you need to make sure the specific discs you throw meet the weight requirements. It’s best to measure several discs for each event, to make sure you have enough discs that meet the restrictions of that class. There will be a scale available in the registration area, and a Sharpie so you can write the weight on the disc.

For each class, you have 90 seconds to throw, but only your longest catch will be scored. In addition, for this format the disc must cross the throwing line before the dog does. This means you’ll see teams set up differently than they do for Toss & Fetch. Here are some videos, so you can get a feel for how this works. Any of these options shown for handling the start are fine to use.

This competitor is having a helper hold her dog, to make sure the disc crosses the throwing line before the dog. This is Sue Granoff, a former club member, playing in one of her first events with her dog Sandy. You will see & hear other club members you may recognize too!

Video link for Email Subscribers

This competitor is putting his dog on a start line stay.  Here you can also see that a line judge is going out & putting a marker on the field where the dog makes the catch, as the dog is running back.  After the round is over, the judges will measure from the throwing line to those markers.

Video link for Email Subscribers

Here is World Champion Janelle Miller explaining her choice to send her dog around an object for the start of the throwing line.

Video link for Email Subscribers

After each competitor has had their 90 second round, each competitor in the division will get one additional throw. This is called a Glory Shot. If you exceed the furthest distance achieved on the first round, that will be your new score.

Now that you know what to expect, go out & have some fun! Good luck at the Buckeye Bash!



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