Throw N Go

Throw N Go is the UpDog Challenge version of Toss & Catch.  The handler throws from behind a throwing line, and the dog earns points based on how far from the throwing line they are when they catch the disc.  Complete as many catches as you can in the 60 seconds allotted.  Full rules of the game can be found here.

The UpDog Challenge likes to throw a twist into their games – a Sweet Spot bonus can be found in most of their games. It’s a way to end the game with a challenge for the handler. Sweet Spot bonuses are voluntary; they’re a way to earn some extra points, but are not necessary to be successful at the game. Trying for these Sweet Spot bonuses, however, is an excellent way to keep your mental game sharp & increase your ability to perform under pressure. UpDog recently updated the rules of Throw N Go to include two different types of Sweet Spot bonus in this game.  They published the video below to explain the two choices.

Video link for Email Subscribers

The next time you play Throw N Go, I urge you to give one of these a try!


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