Nail Trims

As athletes, it’s important we keep our dogs in top shape. Something many people aren’t aware of though, is the importance of toenail length for canine athletes. Susan Garrett is a world-renowned agility trainer, and the video below appeared in one of her blog posts. The video shows Dr. Leslie Woodcock DVM, a rehab vet and the Team Canada veterinarian, speaking about the importance of nail trims.  Although they are referencing agility movements in the video, this information is equally important for our sport.

Dr. Woodcock discusses posture, proprioception and jumping in this video, as well as nail trimming techniques.

Video link for Email Subscribers

After this video was published in 2013, a Facebook group was formed based on the video, to provide support to people wishing to learn more.  If you’re interested in joining the group, you can find it here. There are a number of photos and videos people have posted to show techniques for clipping, dremeling and teaching dogs to scratch abrasive surfaces to shorten nails. There is also lots of information about desensitizing your dog to nail trims, if that is a concern.

REMINDER: Disc league starts this week! I hope to see everyone on the field on Thursday.  To review the rules, review this article:  International Toss & Fetch Summer League 2016


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