July 4th Skyhoundz Local

Every 4th of July, the city of Dublin hosts a Skyhoundz Local as part of their Independence Day celebration.

This is a Distance & Accuracy (Toss & Catch) competition.  Complete rules can be found on the Skyhoundz website.

Skyhoundz Competition Rules

The event is free to enter. Although the Flying K9s don’t host the event, a lot of club members usually attend, so it feels like a club event.  This is a really fun event to enter.  If the weather is good, there’s a nice sized crowd, and they’re usually in a good mood.  They will often applaud all catches made.  The dogs LOVE that!  It starts at 5:00 pm, and usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. There is plenty of time to get the dogs back home & settled before the fireworks start!

The event is held at Dublin Coffman High School, 6780 Coffman Rd, Dublin, OH 43017.  Competitors can park in the high school parking lot. You may need to tell parking attendants you’re a competitor in order to get into the closest lot to the field. Since the event only lasts a few hours, we usually don’t set up tents.  There are trees along the parking lot edge, so crates set up under the trees usually work out well, and we can all sit together as a group. Definitely wear your patriotic gear, and come ready for fun!

Here is a video from the 2011 event, so you can get a feel for the field setup.  And the crowd! Check out Matt’s American flag shorts!

Video link for Email Subscribers

Map link for Email Subscribers

2013-07-08 13.40.37


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