USDDN Qualifiers

The Ohio Cup is coming soon!  On Saturday, July 30, 2016, the Flying K9s will be hosting a USDDN Qualifer. This event will have both Freestyle and Toss & Catch divisions. The top placing teams will earn invitations to the USDDN World Championships. Matt has a few words of wisdom for us in this video.

Video link for Email Subscribers

You can find out more at the USDDN website.

Freestyle – A Toss & Catch round is included in freestyle rounds for USDDN.  This means there will be 3 rounds.  The first round will be a freestyle round, where you perform your routine.  The second round will be a Toss & Catch round.  Based on combined totals of the first two rounds, a cut will be made, and the top 10 or 15 teams will go on to round 3, which is another freestyle round. Also, as Matt mentions in the video, USDDN is known for having the most comprehensive judging guidelines for freestyle.  These judging guidelines can be very helpful for competitors to read, and to use to build a well rounded freestyle routine.

Toss & Catch – USDDN gives competitors a relatively long round of Toss & Catch – 90 seconds.  They have a twist, too – only the 5 highest pointed catches are scored, so if you have a wild throw or two that has a minimal impact on your score.

The Ohio Cup should be a lot of fun, and I hope everyone comes out & enjoys themselves!



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