AWI Qualifiers

Sunday, July 31, 2016 the Southern Ohio Flying K9s will be hosting an AWI Qualifer. AWI has both Freestyle and Toss & Catch, and the top placements will earn invitations to the AWI World Championships.  We have a video from Matt Bilderback to give us some tips on what to expect.  Thanks Matt!

Video Link for Email Subscribers

You can find more information at the AWI website.

Freestyle – The AWI scoring system has four parts: Dog, Human, Team, and Overall.  The catch ratio is recorded, but is only used in case of tiebreakers. Competitors are allowed to take up to 9 discs to the field.

Toss & Catch – AWI gives competitors 60 seconds to play Toss & Catch. The field will have a Bonus Zone marked, and catches made in the Bonus Zone earn additional points.  In fact, the points keep increasing as additional catches are made in the Bonus Zone!

The Ohio Cup is always an exciting event, and this year promises to be lots of fun!


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