Solid Number Two

Solid Number Two is a post-event sport created at the 2016 Buckeye Bash. It’s a sport that requires concentration & skill. To get started, here is a video of game play, and we’ll discuss the rules below. This is an exciting match between Barb Reinhold & Jeremy Barnhill, with a tied score of 14 for several rounds. Watch the video for the exciting finish between these two evenly matched players!

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As you can see from the video, the foundation of the sport involves sliding a partially full water bottle from one end of the table to the other. Points are accumulated until one player achieves 15 points & is declared the winner.


Flush – A flush occurs when the bottle goes out of bounds, or off of the table. No points are awarded for a flush.

Clinger – A clinger is the most highly desired result in Solid Number Two, as it results in three points being awarded. A clinger occurs when the bottle lands hanging off the edge of the table without falling off.

Solid Number Two – A Solid Number Two is declared when the bottle lands solidly between the boundary of the Crack and the edge of the table, without touching either boundary. Two points are awarded for this feat of skill.

Crack – The Crack is unique, in that it is both a scoring term and also a physical boundary. The Crack is the crack found in the official scoring table. When a bottle lands partially covering the Crack, a Crack is said to have occurred. One point is awarded for a Crack.

Shart – A Shart is a move in which the bottle lands short of the Crack. No points are awarded in this instance. This term can also be used as a verb. For example, “Oh crap, I Sharted”.

Equipment Specifications:

Table – As of this writing, there has only been one table approved for official use in Solid Number Two. The table can be found in the Bednar’s kitchen, and is available for play on an irregular basis. Please contact Nate or Heather Bednar to schedule either practice time or officially sanctioned matches. Investigations are underway to acquire additional sanctioned tables.

Bottle – At this time, no official brand has been declared the bottle of choice for Solid Number Two. However, the Solid Number Two Sanctioning Committee is open to sponsorship opportunities, so stay tuned for upcoming developments. The amount of water to be placed in the bottle is variable. At any sanctioned match, a photo of the filled bottle proposed  should be submitted to Jason Rigler before play for approval. Jason is the official SNT judge, as well as one of the creators of the sport.

Solid Number Two, while seemingly unrelated to the sport of Disc, has proved to be a benefit. It is worth noting that many of the top SNT players performed exceptionally well at the Buckeye Bash the day following development of the sport. Correlation or Causation? Only time will tell. Many thanks to the SNT founders: Jason Rigler, Andrea Rigler, Kirsten Holt, Nate Bednar, Heather Bednar, Barb Reinhold, Deneane Hart, & Jeremy Barnhill!

Updated in 2018:

Dingleberry – A Dingleberry is a new term that’s come into use to describe the act of the bottle starting to topple off the table, but then stabilizing & remaining on the table. This is very rare & scores 4 points!

Skidmark – A Skidmark is when you push the bottle but it wipes out on the table & never makes it to the other side.


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