Throwing Drill: Timer of Death 

Does the timer countdown at competitions make you nervous? Do you sometimes shank that last throw that you get off in a frenzy in the last few seconds? The Timer of Death throwing drill is designed to help you with that final throw. Continue reading


A Junior Handler’s Perspective

At the Fairport Harbor event recently hosted by Ohio Disc Dogs, I had the opportunity to interview Sid Ryan & get his perspective on the sport. Sid is a junior handler who first was introduced to the sport by his uncle, club member Bob Ryan. Since Sid didn’t have a dog of his own, he would often play with club member Beth Watercutter’s border collie, Rane.  Sid & Rane made a formidable team, often placing against older & more experienced teams. Continue reading

Drop That Disc!

Ahh, the drop. It’s a key behavior for the sport of disc. Having a fast, reliable drop on a verbal cue from anywhere on the field can allow you to get more throws in Toss & Catch and smoother sequences & more options in Freestyle. It opens up new strategies in games like Time Warp & 4Way Play. It’s one of the most basic building blocks in our sport. Yet it’s one that many people struggle with. Continue reading