Dog Catch with Sara Brueske 

Sara Brueske very kindly shared this video tutorial with us today, outlining the steps involved in training a dog catch. 

Sara is a member of the Purina(R) Pro Plan(R) Performance Team at Purina Farms, and her dogs demonstrate disc, dock diving & agility at daily shows. She is also an instructor at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA), an online school that teaches dog sports classes. To learn more about Sara, see her profile page at FDSA.

Video Link for Email Subscribers

If you enjoyed Sara’s teaching style, and want to see more, you can join her online class, DS310: Flying Disc – Foundation to Flips at FDSA. Class began yesterday, August 1st, and registration will be open through August 15th. The class runs for 6 weeks, and will cover a variety of topics, including throws, teaching a drop, flat work, drills & tricks. Check out the full syllabus! Sara has designed this course to be useful for novice & intermediate students. Even puppies can participate, by limiting some of the physical elements until they’re old enough. Requirements to join the class are simply that the dog be interested enough in the disc to chase a roller.

The FDSA model of instruction is based on written & video lectures provided by the instructor, plus a small group of of participating students who submit videos of themselves & their dogs doing the homework & getting feedback from the instructor. All students have full access to all the lectures, the student videos, and the instructor feedback to the students. Much of the learning happens when you watch fellow students doing the homework & reading the instructor’s notes on what they should adjust! After class is over, you have access to the lectures (but not the other student’s work) for a year, longer if you continue to take additional classes. Class is structured with three levels of participation.

  1. Gold – full working participants. Gold students submit video of their homework for Sara to review & provide specific feedback based on those videos. A Gold level subscription is $260, far less than the average in-person seminar, with the opportunity to practice & get additional instruction for 6 weeks.
  2. Silver – Silver students do not submit videos for review, but are able to ask questions in the forum to clarify their understanding of the lecture materials, or any questions they might have about the feedback Sara gives to the Gold students. A Silver level subscription is $130 for the 6-week class.
  3. Bronze – Bronze students are auditors. They do not submit videos for review, and they can not ask questions in the forums. They have full access to all lectures & instructional videos, and can watch the progress of the Gold students in class. A Bronze level subscription is $65 for the 6-week class. Additionally, scholarships are available that cover half the cost ($32.50) of the bronze subscription. Scholarships are simple to obtain, simply fill out a brief online form & receive a coupon code to enter when you register.

At the Gold level, you will need the ability to take & upload video, but at Silver & Bronze levels you just need Internet access & a browser.

If you’re interested in joining the class but aren’t sure how it will work for you, check out this sample classroom. You can see what the lectures are like, and check out the forums that the students use to communicate with the instructor. I’ve taken a number of classes at FDSA & enjoyed them all. Access to world class instructors for 6 weeks, plus their lecture materials beyond that time, at an affordable price? Count me in! Plus, you can participate at your own pace, and in your jammies  if you want. Who doesn’t love that?? I’m already enrolled in Sara’s class & looking forward to it!

*Featured photo of Sara & Border Collie Kickstart is (c) Lindsay Hamilton-Donnelly


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