A Junior Handler’s Perspective

At the Fairport Harbor event recently hosted by Ohio Disc Dogs, I had the opportunity to interview Sid Ryan & get his perspective on the sport. Sid is a junior handler who first was introduced to the sport by his uncle, club member Bob Ryan. Since Sid didn’t have a dog of his own, he would often play with club member Beth Watercutter’s border collie, Rane.  Sid & Rane made a formidable team, often placing against older & more experienced teams.

Sid has recently acquired a new puppy, Australian Shepherd Paisley, whom he & his dad Wes are training to play disc. Paisley has already been to Toss & Fetch league, demos & competitions, where she chases rollers & is learning that the field is a fun place to play. She’s also learning to rest quietly in her crate while Sid helps with setup & teardown and does some line judging. The Ryans also just added a second Australian Shepherd puppy, Hendrix, to the family. The Fairport Harbor event was Hendrix’s first introduction to disc, and he had a great time being cuddled & petted by all the competitors & being introduced to the lake!

Sid has some great perspectives on the sport, and some useful advice for other junior handlers.

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Sid & Paisley at Toss & Fetch League

2016-05-11 18.37.13

Sid & Rane at Chompapalooza 2016

Photo (c) Shelbie Fleegle


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