Back Stall

A back stall is where the dog jumps on your back & waits (stalls), before making a catch.  I found this tutorial by Pam’s Dog Training Academy, where she uses a platform target to teach it. While I have never used this method, I like it & I think I will use it in the future.

There are a few things I would add to the information in this video.  First, I think a useful modifcation for this method would be to use a mat as a target rather than a rigid platform. I would also add an intermediate step for most dogs of placing my mat on other objects before putting it on my back.  If you put it on a FitPaws peanut, an ottoman, a picnic bench, etc., before placing it on your back, most dogs will have an easier time understanding what’s wanted.  Plus, it’s kind of awkward to reward the dog while they’re on your back.  Anything you can do to help the dog understand what’s going on before you get to that stage will probably be worth it!

I would also put more emphasis on duration for this trick.  Assuming that once the trick is trained you will be throwing a disc as the release from the stall, most dogs with reasonable drive won’t have a problem jumping off your back.  The hard part of this trick for a disc dog is the staying on part, so I would make sure I reinforced HEAVILY for staying on.  I would also train more duration than I’m likely to want during a freestyle routine.  During competition, when adrenaline is flowing, keeping the dog up there is likely to be more challenging than it is in practice.  I would want a really solid reinforcement history of staying up there, and a strong habit of waiting for a release before I used this in competition.

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The final step to add after training this trick is a disc! See The Pizza Toss with Danielle O’Neill to learn the pizza toss!

Featured photo is (c) Marshall Smith


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