Toss & Fetch Formats

There are currently 5 different organizations that offer a Toss & Fetch (or Toss & Catch) format.  Each of the five has slightly different rules – a different field format, different number of points in each scoring zones, bonus zones, different rules regarding air bonuses, etc.  Below is a graphic showing the different field layouts, with some handy information about each format.


All the formats have a lot in common as well, which makes it easy for a player to play in all formats.  In each format, there is a start line.  You, the disc & your dog start behind the start line.  When time begins, you throw the disc, and score points based on where the dog catches the disc.  In all formats, only catches are scored.  Additional throws are made from behind the start line until time runs out.

For those of you who have played in our Toss & Fetch League, the league uses the Skyhoundz field, pictured above in shades of blue.

For novice players, the picture above illustrates that training for a 40 yard throw straight down the middle of the field is going to yield maximum points, regardless of format. I hope this also illustrates for novice players that you shouldn’t be intimidated to try a new format, as the majority of the rules are the same. In any competition, there will be a player’s meeting before starting, where the organizers and/or judges will explain the rules.

One more note – there are a number of organizations that offer a Distance format.  Although played with a single disc & based on long catches, Distance is considered to be different from Toss & Fetch.  The fields used in Distance are not shown in the above graphic.

For more articles regarding Toss & Fetch, see these previous blog posts:

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Featured photo is (c) Brayden Taylor-Heidrich


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