Disc Exchange with Jeremy Barnhill

Have you ever been sitting on the side of a field and thought to yourself “I wish my dog had a sweet disc exchange like Tempest does”? If so, then today is your lucky day! Jeremy is sharing with us how he taught that disc exchange to Tempest.

First, for those folks who haven’t been envying his disc exchange, let’s take a look at what it looks like.

Video Link for Email Subscribers
Now here is Jeremy, explaining his training plan.

Video Link for Email Subscribers

Another tip I would add to this – make sure you hold your hands close to your body (or touching) when asking the dog to bring the toy.  It’s REALLY easy to reach for it, but it’s the dog’s job to bring you the toy, not your job to grab it! Be careful that you keep your hands steady, or moving backwards, not reaching out for it.

When moving this outside, make sure your dog is comfortable coming into your space, or they may start avoiding coming in straight.  Start with short throws, or takes when you bring it outside, and gradually lengthen the distance they travel to bring it to you.

This is a perfect winter training project.  Have fun with it!  Thanks Jeremy & Tempest, for sharing your technique!


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