Time Warp Strategy with Steve Chasse

Time Warp is a strategy game offered by The UpDog Challenge, one of the disc dog venues.  The object is to make three catches in specific zones, then you have the option of trying for a Sweet Spot Double Shot (a 4th catch in the 3rd zone), or of getting the dog, the disc and the human all behind the throwing line to stop time.  The number of seconds remaining after time is stopped is added to your score, so speed in making the catches leads to a higher score. Continue reading


Disc Organizations & Competition Formats

When people first begin to play disc, the different organizations can be very confusing, particularly if you’ve played other dog sports before. In other dog sports, exhibitors tend to choose one or two organizations.   Continue reading

Frizgility Strategy with Steve Chasse

Today we have a guest speaker on the blog, Southern Ohio Flying K9s board member, Steve Chasse. Steve and his Australian Shepherd Jackson placed first in Throw N Go and second in Frizgility at the UpDog International Finals held in March 2016, and they are one of the first teams to be eligible to move up to Level Two. Steve is going to share some strategy tips for Frizgility with us. Continue reading