Small Disc Review by Cassi Anderson

Today, in the Small Disc Dogs group on Facebook, Cassi Anderson posted this review of several of the pup-sized discs available for disc play.

Pup-sized discs are legal to play with in all of the organizations, and pup-sized discs manufactured for Hyperflite are mandatory for the MicroDog divisions in Skyhoundz. Most players with small dogs use pup-sized discs. Some players with medium-sized dogs do as well, to make sure the disc doesn’t hit the ground when their dog catches certain throws in freestyle.

Here’s your chance to see a variety of pup-sized discs, and get a feel for what they’re like. Cassi does a great job of showing what the rims look like, and how flexible each one is! Thanks Cassi!


For more information on where these discs are available for purchase, see this post: Disc Comparison

And if you’re playing with a small dog, join the Small Disc Dogs Facebook group to discuss our sport with other small dog players!

Featured photo is (c) Jackie Scheetz


Disc Comparison

Deneane Hart has very kindly compiled this comparison of the various dog discs available on the market for the community. Obviously, prices are current as of May 2016, and are subject to change.  They also do not include any quantity discounts that may be available, so discs purchased through the club will be different prices. The discs that are grayed out on the spreadsheet are not currently available. Click on the link to view the spreadsheet.

Disc Spreadsheet

Thanks Deneane, for this cool resource!