Tracking Drills!

Today’s blog is a quote from Tracy Custer, in response to a post on Disc Dog Discussions, asking about tracking drills. Continue reading


Disc Exchange with Jeremy Barnhill

Have you ever been sitting on the side of a field and thought to yourself “I wish my dog had a sweet disc exchange like Tempest does”? If so, then today is your lucky day! Jeremy is sharing with us how he taught that disc exchange to Tempest. Continue reading

Drop That Disc!

Ahh, the drop. It’s a key behavior for the sport of disc. Having a fast, reliable drop on a verbal cue from anywhere on the field can allow you to get more throws in Toss & Catch and smoother sequences & more options in Freestyle. It opens up new strategies in games like Time Warp & 4Way Play. It’s one of the most basic building blocks in our sport. Yet it’s one that many people struggle with. Continue reading