Time Warp Strategy with Steve Chasse

Time Warp is a strategy game offered by The UpDog Challenge, one of the disc dog venues.  The object is to make three catches in specific zones, then you have the option of trying for a Sweet Spot Double Shot (a 4th catch in the 3rd zone), or of getting the dog, the disc and the human all behind the throwing line to stop time.  The number of seconds remaining after time is stopped is added to your score, so speed in making the catches leads to a higher score.

One of our club members, Steve Chasse, with his Australian Shepherd Jackson, holds the world record in Time Warp, with a score of 87. Here is the video with that world record run.  Notice that Steve does go for the 4th catch, earning the Sweet Spot Double Shot bonus of 25 points.

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I had the chance to ask Steve about his strategy for this game, and he generously shared his thoughts..

Obviously, the first part of his strategy depends on Jackson being able to drop the disc at the place he caught it, without returning to Steve. This saves a lot of time, as the dog doesn’t have to run back to the start line between each throw.

Steve approaches the throws with a Left-Right-Left-Right pattern.  This makes use of the Zig Zag pattern, which has long been a part of freestyle routines.  The only difference is that the disc is going further out with each turn.  The pattern Steve uses is:

  1. Throw to the left side of the first zone.
  2. Throw to the right side of the second zone.
  3. Throw to the left side of the third zone (Sweet Spot).
  4. Throw to the right side of the third zone (Sweet Spot Double Shot)
  5. Dog returns behind the line with the last caught disc.

Steve says the advantage of his Left-Right-Left Right pattern is that it allows him to make longer throws while still remaining inside the zones, which he feels is the best way to maximize his strengths. I would add that the strategy also allows the dog to know where to expect the next disc, and prevents long outruns, as the dog anticipates turning in the opposite direction after the catch.

Thanks Steve, for sharing your strategy!

For related content, see Frizgility Strategy with Steve Chasse for Steve explaning the strategy behind Frizgility, or Directional Distance Movement, where Danielle O’Neill talks about the Zig Zag pattern mentioned above, as well as other patterns.

Featured photo is (c) Carol Lawrence.

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